Subtle changes to water and food supply creates almost unnoticeable shifts in public perception.


Alexander Korovessis

5/19/20241 min read

Subtle attacks can fly under defense networks of a given State by compromising the water supply (ground water or precipitation) and can create subtle changes in societal perceptions, norms, focus, alter perceived threats-- When I was a kid, social scientists called them "paradigm shifts" and had difficulties explaining why they happened.

Yes, Bitcoin has value. Of course it does.

Recently, and this is all very hush, hush, I was told that modern versions of colonialism don't need anything but "future juice" and a steady stream of information, be it through popular culture, research endeavors, news-- Basically anything that helps the "juice" marinate.

But who told you all this, Alex? You guessed it..

Can we really trust "future juice?" It's hard to say for sure, but in the 1800's the average life expectancy was not more than 70. Now, it's more than 70. What's in the juice? It's a matter for scientists to explain, but it's reasonable to assume that "juice" from other countries has different flavors. Some of these flavors can be serving the interests of other people in these other places.

Not just the winds of time: