Of Circuit Boards


Alexander Korovessis

5/17/20241 min read

Chemical reward systems of otherworldly origin:

There's a work of short science fiction that tells of a society in the process of rebuilding after a cataclysm. What once was or may have been known has been erased. The people live in small settlements and are largely farmers.

It's apparent though, that structures from a civilization long before them remain. Drones whiz by periodically, sometimes dropping mysterious cargo, then returning to whatever source beckons them. The delivery system appears completely automated. Whoever built the drones gone. Whoever meant to receive the deliveries gone.

The farmers, all they know is food. Food for who, they don't know. Food from who, they can't tell. They are too frightened to force open the cargo containers. Perhaps, they think, the food is for the gods.

I had to close the original Kasma Magazine (kasmamagazine.com). But, behold! Lo, there be light again. If you have an interesting science fiction concept or you're a time traveller with news from the future, share it with me!